The most-advanced walking boot, engineered to provide the ultimate in protection, comfort and oedema control.The AIRCAST AIRSELECT™ Elite Walker is the newest generation of the Aircast pneumatic walking brace. It has new features to increase comfort, simplify use and promote compliance while still retaining the clinically effective elements found in the original prefabricated walking brace by Aircast.

Each NEW AIRCAST AIRSELECT™ Elite Walker features a low rocker sole for added comfort and ease of ambulation, a wider foot base ensuring plenty of room for dressings without sacrificing comfort and new pump valves to improve ease of use and patient compliance. As with its XP Walker™ predessor NEW AIRCAST AIRSELECT™ Elite Walker has a lightweight, durable semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection. Lining the shell are overlapping aircells the patented Duplex™ Ankle Brace aircell system. These aircells provide intermittent pneumatic compression for efficient swelling reduction while callus forms and the plantar venous plexus pump helps with circulation. It can be custom-inflated using the fully integrated inflation technology for a "total contact" fit. This adjustability allows the AIRCAST AIRSELECT™ Elite Walker to accommodate changes in limb dimension throughout the day and through the healing process while maintaining stability and immobilisation.


• Severe Ankle Sprains
• Achilles tendon repairs
• Stable fractures of the lower leg and ankle
• Acute ATFL ankle injury
• Soft tissue injuries
• Stress fractures of the lower leg and ankle
• Severe Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome of the lower leg and ankle

Information on Ordering

Choose the size of the walker your patient needs. The sizes are UK shoe size. Take care to prescribe the AIRCAST AIRSELECT™ Elite Walker XS Paediatric to a child too young to appreciate the risk of over inflation.

Corresponding Sizes:

Size / UK Men & Women
XS / Up to 3
S / 3-6
M / 6-9
L / 9-12
XL / 12+


• Integrated inflation system (NO separate hand bulb) puts the patient in control for an individualised fit.
• Non-marking, skid resistant rubber tread for greater traction and longer wear
• Duplex air cell technology, with preinflated front panel aircell, provides intermittent compression which reduces oedema (swelling) three times faster thus promoting pain relief, patient compliance and faster healing
• SoftStrike technology that absorbs and dissipates the energy during heel strike for reduction of heel pain
• Low profile optimised rocker sole, enables a normal walking gait with less forefoot angulations and reduces hyperextension of the knee
• Toe-off section continues the rocking motion, enhancing mobility
• Mid-stance section is designed to minimize hip differential forces
• Trimmable and heat moldable semi-rigid shell makes it easy to custom-fit the brace to the patient for a more comfortable fit
• Sleek, open-frame design provides ventilation and maximum patient protection and compliance
• Shell contours around the malleoli, eliminating pressure for sustained comfort
• AirSelect boots have improved width around the ankle area as well as uniformed sizing throughout the various sizes of the boot (XS-XL)
• Simpler three-strap system for ease of application
• Wider foot print provides space for dressings
• Improved ergonomic design for ease of use and increased compliance
• Can be used with the heel supports as Achilles Tendon Wedges
• Enclosed toe cover provides protection from hazards and the elements
• Latex free
• Fits left or right leg
• 6 month warranty

The AIRCAST AIRSELECT™ Elite Walker includes 2 Tube Stretch Socks and an instruction sheet.

Neuropathic Foot Ulcers asked John Hardy, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon about the management of neuropathic foot ulcers.

Mr Hardy said: The latest evidence base confirms what we have seen for many years using the Aircast Walkers. Patients with peripheral oedema should have a trial of the NEW AIRCAST AIRSELECT™ Elite Walker. Based on these findings, the AIRCAST AIRSELECT™ Elite Walker may be useful in the treatment of neuropathic plantar ulcerations of the foot.

The evidence for this comes from two recent papers:

Baumhauer JF, Wervey R, McWilliams J, Harris GF, Shereff MJ. A comparison study of plantar foot pressure in a standardized shoe, total contact cast, and prefabricated pneumatic walking brace. Foot Ankle Int.1997 Jan;18(1):26-33. and

Hartsell HD, Fellner C, Saltzman CL. Pneumatic bracing and total contact casting have equivocal effects on plantar pressure relief. Foot Ankle Int. 2001 Jun;22(6):502-6.