This new protective surgical shoe from DonJoy® is designed for a variety of hindfoot and heel pathologies. It reduces pressure on the heel and hibndfoot. Great for the treatment of lesions, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers or wounds and for post surgical healing following the surgical excision of bone spurs, fractures or stress fractures.
Highly protective and engineered to reduce loading of the hindfoot following foot surgery, heel injuries, soft tissue procedures. This stiff post-operative shoe is fashioned to maintain hindfoot, midfoot and forefoot in a proper position during rehabilitation.

Recommend your patient purchases 2 of these shoes (left and right) in the same size at the time of preassessment so that they get used to the shoe and benefit from balanced left and right rehabilitation.


• Foot surgery
• Hindfoot injuries
• Soft tissue procedures and spur removal
• Heel Pressure Sores or diabetic ulcers

Information on Ordering

Choose size (universal for side)
Part Number / UK Male / UK Female / Size
82-0031-1 / 4-6 / 3½-5½ / Small
82-0031-2 / 6-8 / 5½-7½ / Medium
82-0031-3 / 8-11 / 7½-10½ / Large
82-0031-4 / >11 / >10½ / Xlarge


• 10 degree wedge design places the foot in plantar flexion so shifting the weight to the forefoot.
• Wide forefoot closure strap accomodates dressings.
• Durable outersole and soft padded liner.
• Fits left or right.
• 4 Sizes (S-XL).