Procare Remedy ProProcare® Remedy Pro™


The Procare® Remedy Pro™ off-loading Shoe helps to reduce forefoot pressure and is indicated for: Forefoot Trauma; Post Surgical Healing; and Diabetic Ulcers or Wounds in the forefoot.

The wedge design of the Remedy Pro Shoe promotes healing by transferring weight behind the MP joints and reducing pressure on the forefoot. The off-loading effect allows wounds under the metatarsal heads or toes and post-forefoot trauma to heal faster.

Recommend your patient purchases 2 of these shoes (left and right) in the same size at the time of preassessment so that they get used to the shoe and benefit from balanced left and right rehabilitation.


• Foot surgery
• Hindfoot injuries
• Soft tissue procedures and spur removal
• Heel Pressure Sores or diabetic ulcers

Information on Ordering

Choose size (universal for side)
Part Number / UK Male / UK Female / Size
79-81722 / < 4½ / <4 / XSmall
79-81723 / 4½-6½ / 4-6 / Small
79-81725 / 6½-8½ / 6-8 / Medium
79-81727 / 8½-10½ / 8-10 / Large
79-81728 / >10½ / >10 / XLarge


• Easy Forefoot Closure. Wide, removable forefoot closure strap can be easily adjusted for maximum security without buckles.
• 15º Wedge design. Reduces forefoot pressure by shifting weight to midfoot and heel.
• Square Toe Box. Protects the toes and provides improved fit for either left or right foot.
• Durable Outer Sole. Mid foot & heel tread provide traction where patient needs it most for safety and support.
• Durable, Padded Liner & Adjustable Ankle Strap. Secure ankle strap maintains heel in proper position, plus a soft padded liner help reduce friction and provide maximum patient comfort and protection.
• Seamless, Padded Heel. No seam at the heel eliminates friction that can cause blisters or ulcerations.
• Fits left or right.
• 5 Sizes (XS-XL).

Bill Harries an Internationally well known Foot and Ankle Surgeon at the Sports Injury Clinic in Bristol said: " Patients want to spend as little time as possible in hospital. Surgeons want them to come as day cases and go the same day as they know this reduces the risks of infection both viral and bacterial." Bill said: " This forefoot off-loading Procare® Remedy Pro™ shoe allows, after a 72 hour period of elevation, to let the patient walk on an lesser toe that has been operated on without loading the toe while there is still a pin holding the position of the toe. This pin can be in for 6 weeks and putting on a regular shoe is difficult."