Aircast AirSport+ Ankle BraceAircast® AirSport+™ Ankle Brace


The Aircast® AirSport?+™ is a clinically proven* stirrup design that aids in ankle stabilisation for moderate to severe ankle sprains and chronic instabilities. The anatomically correct design and durable, breathable materials offer a stable, comfortable fit. Along with the Aircast technology, simple step-in design and intuitive, micro-adjustable Boa® Fit System, the AirSport+ provides a functional management option to help address ankle injuries and rehabilitation.


• Acute ATFL injury in the rehabilitation phase after RICE
• Acute ankle sprains & strains - Over stretched and/or torn ankle ligaments
• Chronic ankle instability - Weak ankles due to ligament damage and over stressed ligaments
• Prophylaxis - Helping to prevent reoccurring ankle injury and returning to daily activities

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Choose size depending on shoe size then whether left or right
Size / UK Men / UK Women
XSmall / <5 / <5.5
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XLarge / >13 / >13.5

Ian Winson is an Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon with a busy International practice of sports men and women at the Sport and Orthopaedic Clinic.

Ian Winson, Foot and Ankle Surgeon. and the Past President of the European Foot and Ankle Society and BOA Past President told : "I use this brace, after an initial 72 hour period of RICE, on athletes with anterior talofibular ligament injury. I use the Aircast CryoCuff for the icing as they are more efficient and safer than a bag of frozen peas.