The ActyFoot™ is designed to provide support, stabilisation and partial immobilisation (restriction of movement) of the ankle


• Anterior talofibular ligamant sprains grade 1-3
• Calcaneofibular ligamant sprains grade 1-3
• Posterior talofibular ligamant sprains grade 1-3
• Combined lateral ligamant sprains grade 1-3
• Rehabilitation after lateral collateral ligamant reconstruction
• Prevention of further injuries in pre-operative chronic ankle instability
• Protection of ankle joint
• Functional rehabilitation of ankle injury

Information on Ordering

Measurement taken at circumference from the base of the heel (calcaneus) around the ankleto front of foot (talus), while wearing an athletic sock.

Left Right Heel Circumference EU shoe size Size
82-02A-SL 82-02A-SR = 30 cm = 38 S
82-02A-ML 82-02A-MR 30-34 cm 38-43 M
82-02A-LL 82-02A-LR = 34 cm = 43 L


• Three integrated straps provide proprioceptive feedback and work together
with semi-rigid elements to stabilize the ankle and restrict excessive range of
• Detachable lateral stay allows brace to be modified for use in both acute and
chronic injury phases
• Low profile. Fits in most shoes or trainers and can be worn over a sock for
additional comfort
• Can be fully opened to allow simple, secure application
• Calf strap provides additional stability to the ankle joint to help improve overall
balance and control
• Cross strap further helps minimize the risk of ankle inversion
• Forefoot strap allows wearer to adjust compression as required to help manage