Donjoy Malolax Elastic Ankle SupportDonjoy® Malolax™ Elastic Ankle Support


The Malolax™ Elastic Ankle is a soft and comfortable ankle support without rigid bracing elements for minor swelling (after diagnosis of the cause of the swelling e.g. ligament sprains not lasting more than 6 weeks).

It is Latex free, being constructed of Polyamide, Cotton and Lycra. It has been anatomically knitted with a multidirectional elastic fabric to control minor local oedema. This offers support and compression during the rehabilitation from acute and chronic ankle injury.

This ankle support differs from the Fortilax™ by offering additional padding over the malleoli and the forefoot. Your patients with mild ankle and foot osteoarthritis will tend to prefer this option especially in the colder weather.


• Acute and chronic ankle injury
• During rehabilitation from Grade 1 ligament sprains
• Minor swelling where the diagnosis has been established
• Mild ankle and foot osteoarthritis

Information on Ordering

Choose the right size by measuring the circumference of the ankle.

x=1=XS=19-20 cm
x=2=S=21-22 cm
x=3=M=23-24 cm
x=4=L=25-26 cm
x=5=XL=27-28 cm
x=6=XXL=29-30 cm


• Provides support and compression to the ankle
• Designed with malleolar inserts for additional comfort
• Free from latex to prevent allergic reactions
• Made from breathable biocompatible yarn
• Allows for multi-directional elasticity for an anatomical fit
• Provides proprioceptive and neuromuscular stimulation
• Offers gradient compression for support where you need it most
• Universal for left or the right ankle