Donjoy OA REACTION TriFit  WEB KneeDonjoy® OA REACTION TriFit™ WEB Knee


The Donjoy® OA REACTION TriFit™ WEB Knee features three unique technologies that together provide a custom fit to allow OA sufferers to move freely without pain so they can participate in light to heavy activities.

Fit to remarkable Function
A noninvasive and non-habit forming alternative to surgery and medication, TriFit is a supportive, unintimidating solution that can be incorporated into any lifestyle efficiently and comfortably.

Engineered for anyone and any activity, designed to fit each individual knee.

Now, there’s nothing that comes between you and the extraordinary life you’re meant to keep living.


• Medial compartment osteoarthritis
• Associated anterior knee pain

Information on Ordering

How do you avoid a mistake when ordering for your patient?

Choose the right size by marking the mid point of the patella with the patient standing in the schuss position. Measure the circumference of the thigh at 15cm above this point.

Before you choose from the drop down menu write down which side (Left or Right). This is for the inside (Medial) compartment OA. Then finally size after you have made the measure stated above:

Thigh Circumference Measurement, Size
13-15.5" (33-39 cm), XS
15.5-18.5" (39-47 cm), S
18.5-21" (47-53 cm), M
21-23.5" (53-60 cm), L
23.5-26.5" (60-67 cm), XL
26.5-29.5" (67-75 cm), XXL


• Web Tech™ is a shock absorber that assists with full knee extension and patellofemoral (PF) tracking
• Exos® Tech provides a heat thermoformable custom fit that hugs perfectly around the knee (thigh and the shin or above and below the knee)
• Boa® Tech uses a micro tension adjustment system that pulls everything together and provides three-dimensional protection
• Available in 7 sizes
• 1 year warranty on frame and hinge, 6 month warranty on soft goods