DonJoy  Telescoping Cool IROMDonJoy® Telescoping Cool IROM®


The Telescoping IROM® is when you want added stiffness and tissue containment.


the IROM® knee brace offers effective postoperative immobilisation and protected range-of-motion control in 10 degree increments for ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL repair and reconstruction. Formable bars allow for varus/valgus positioning.

Information on Ordering

This brace is universal for the side and length. For those patients with conical legs or where control of rotation is of benefit don't forget you can purchase an optional IROM® ankle stirrup for this brace.


• Integrated strap/hinge bar design
• Quick-release buckles allow for fast and easy strapping
• 4 straps and abbreviated foam at key control points
• 10° incremental range of motion settings
• Optional ankle stirrup when migration prevention is needed