Saunders Sacroiliac BeltSaunders® Sacroiliac Belt


The Saunders® Sacroiliac Belt has the ability to contour to the body for a plush, comfortable fit. The non-slip belt stays put below the ASIS and across the PSIS (even during activity). The belt conforms to the natural contours of the pelvis, yet still provides the rigid support that the SI joint requires. The sacral pad is newly designed and fits between the sacral sulci and provides firm, comfortable support and proprioceptive input to the sacral area. The belt may be used with or without the stabilisation pad and is available in three different sizes.


• SI Joint Disease
• Mild Hypermobility Syndrome
• Chronic SI Joint Pain
• Intermittent SI Joint subluxation before you can get to your Chiropractor/Physio/Osteopath

Information on Ordering

Suitable for Men and Women. To ensure you order the correct size for your patient, please take the measurements around your patients hips.

Part Number / Waist Circumference / Size
650306-200 66-81cm (26-32") Small (S)
650306-300 81-106cm (32-42") Medium (M)
650306-400 106-132cm (42-52") Large (L)


• Easy application with hook and nylon mesh fastening, allowing you to customise the tension
• Comfortable non-slip belt stays below the ASIS and PSIS even with activity
• Belt conforms to the natural contours of the pelvis
• Optional stabilisation pad fits between the "Dimples of Venus" in the mid line to provide firm comfortaable support and proprioceptive input into the sacral area