Donjoy Actistrap Spinal BraceDonjoy® Actistrap Spinal Brace


This Donjoy® Actistrap provides strong compression for heavy duty tasks. Elastic lumbar support with strong compressive straps. Provides enhanced posture control to alleviate lumbar pain by exerting strong compression. Provides rapid symptomatic relief while waiting for your patients to see a specialist.


• Acute, subacute or chronic lower back pain
• Intermittent SI Joint subluxation before you can get to your Chiropractor/Physio/Osteopath

Information on Ordering

Suitable for Men and Women. To ensure you order the correct size for your patient, please take the measurements around your patients hips.

Part Number / Waist Circumference / Size
82-0231-1 56-68cm (22-26.5") XSmall (XS)
82-0231-2 68-82cm (26.5-32") Small (S)
82-0231-3 82-98cm (32-38.5") Medium (M)
82-0231-4 98-116cm (38.5-45.5") Large (L)
82-0231-5 116-136cm (45.5-53.5") XLarge (XL)


• Strong compressive elastic material to enhance posture control
• 2 strong elastic straps to adjust compression level
• 4 Semi-rigid dorsal stays for stabilisation of mid/lower back and spine curvature correction
• Ergonomic front closure for comfort in sitting or standing position
• 2 abdominal stays for increased support
• Hand and finger loops for ease of application & adjustment
• Brace height 26cm (10")