Donjoy Porostrap Spinal BraceDonjoy® Porostrap™ Spinal Brace


This Donjoy® Porostrap™ back support is an elastic lumbar support, which incorporates four flexible lumbar and two supple abdominal stays. Featuring a breathable mesh lining with an anti-bacterial treatment, this comfortable to wear back support is designed to support lower back injuries.

Provides rapid symptomatic relief while waiting for your patients to see a specialist.


• Acute, subacute or chronic lower back pain
• Postural reminder - Proprioceptive effect helps prevent noxious movements
• Stabilisation & controlled mobilisation - Via wraparound compression and limited range-of-motion

Information on Ordering

Suitable for Men and Women. To ensure you order the correct size for your patient, please take the measurements around your patients hips.

Part Number / Waist Circumference / Size
82-0228-1 56-68cm (22-26.5") XSmall (XS)
82-0228-2 68-82cm (26.5-32") Small (S)
82-0228-3 82-98cm (32-38.5") Medium (M)
82-0228-4 98-116cm (38.5-45.5") Large (L)
82-0228-5 116-136cm (45.5-53.5") XLarge (XL)


• 4 straps to adjust Upper & Lower compression separately, for optimal fit, with pulley system for effortless strap tightening
• Compressive material to enhance posture control & stability
• 4 Flexible dorsal stays for stabilisation of mid/lower back
• Ergonomic front closure for comfort in sitting or standing position
• 2 abdominal stays for increased support
• Hand loops for ease of application & adjustment