Donjoy C1 CollarDonjoy® C1 Collar


The Donjoy® C1 Cervical Collar is for neck sprains and strains, post injury rehabilitation or as a stepdown post rigid collar use.


• Cervical sprains and strains
• Post injury rehabilitation
• Post rigid collar use

Information on Ordering

Measure chin to notch and neck circumference.

Part Number Chin to Notch Height, Neck Circumference, Size
CC10PPAB C1 Collar, 7.5cm Height, 21-25cm, Paediatric
CC10P0AB C1 Collar, 7.5cm Height, 25-28cm, XX-Small
CC10P1AB C1 Collar, 7.5cm Height, 29-32cm, X-Small
CC10P2AB C1 Collar, 7.5cm Height, 33-37cm, Small
CC10P3AB C1 Collar, 7.5cm Height, 38-42cm, Medium
CC10P4AB C1 Collar, 7.5cm Height, 43-47cm, Large
CC10P5AB C1 Collar, 7.5cm Height, 48-51cm, X-Large
CC10G0AB C1 Collar, 9.5cm Height, 25-28cm, XX-Small
CC10G1AB C1 Collar, 9.5cm Height, 29-32cm, X-Small
CC10G2AB C1 Collar, 9.5cm Height, 33-37cm, Small
CC10G3AB C1 Collar, 9.5cm Height, 38-42cm, Medium
CC10G4AB C1 Collar, 9.5cm Height, 43-47cm, Large
CC10G5AB C1 Collar, 9.5cm Height, 48-51cm, X-Large


• Design supports the cervical spine in a neutral position
• Low denasity foam collar
• Anatomically preformed at the chin and ear levels for a better fit
• 100% Cotton covering with a contact closure strap for quick application
• Navy blue