Donjoy C2 CollarDonjoy® C2 Collar


The Donjoy® C2 Cervical Collar is for neck sprains and strains, post injury rehabilitation or as a stepdown post rigid collar use.


• Cervical sprains and strains
• Post injury rehabilitation
• Post rigid collar use

Information on Ordering

Measure chin to notch and neck circumference.

Part Number Chin to Notch Height, Neck Circumference, Size
CC20PPAG C2 Collar, 7.5cm Height, Paediatric
CC20P0AG C2 Collar, 7.5cm Height, XX-Small
CC20P1AG C2 Collar, 7.5cm Height, X-Small
CC20P2AG C2 Collar, 7.5cm Height, Small
CC20P3AG C2 Collar, 7.5cm Height, Medium
CC20P4AG C2 Collar, 7.5cm Height, Large
CC20P5AG C2 Collar, 7.5cm Height, X-Large
CC20G0AG C2 Collar, 9.5cm Height, XX-Small
CC20G1AG C2 Collar, 9.5cm Height, X-Small
CC20G2AG C2 Collar, 9.5cm Height, Small
CC20G3AG C2 Collar, 9.5cm Height, Medium
CC20G4AG C2 Collar, 9.5cm Height, Large
CC20G5AG C2 Collar, 9.5cm Height, X-Large


• Design supports the cervical spine in a neutral position
• Low denasity foam collar
• Anatomically preformed at the chin and ear levels for a better fit
• Collar is reinforced with a sewn in rigid plastic stay for extra support
• 100% Cotton covering with a contact closure strap for quick application
• Grey