Sully Shoulder SupportSully® Shoulder Support


The Donjoy Sully® Shoulder Support from Enovis provides shoulder support without rigid immobilisation. It allows a controlled range of motion foolowing the reduction by an Orthopaedic Surgeon of glenohumeral dislocations/subluxations, rotator cuff tears and acromioclavicular separations. Designed to protect and stabilize the shoulder post-injury and post-operatively It provides abduction control, external rotation control and support for acromioclavicular separations Also the range of motion control can be customized with easy strap adjustments. It is a latex-free black polyester lycra material.


• Anterior, multi–directional, inferior, and posterior instabilities
• Shoulder subluxations
• Muscle strains
• Rotator cuff repairs
• Bankhart procedures
• Shoulder pain from acute biceps tendon rupture

Information on Ordering

Order the universal support for left or right. (Measure biceps length in non-flexed elbow position)

11-0525-1____34" - 40"___09" - 10.5"__XS
11-0525-2____36" - 40"___11" - 13"____S
11-0525-3____38" - 42"___13" - 15"____M
11-0525-4____42" - 46"___14" - 17"____L
11-0525-5____46" - 51"___15" - 17"____XL


• Easy to adjust range-of-motion using straps
• No auxiliary hardware
• Internal/external rotation
• Limited abduction/adduction range-of-motion
• Limited flexion/extension range-of-motion