Donjoy Humeral Fracture Over the Shoulder BraceDonjoy Humeral Fracture Over the Shoulder Brace


Following a fracture to the humerus, your doctor will provide relief from pain by prescribing this brace to stabilise the fractured bone. The Donjoy Over the Shoulder Humeral Fracture Cuff is a preformed orthopaedic-grade thermoplastic support that supports the broken humerus following accident. Designed with a strap that wraps around the chest like a handbag, the brace remains in place so you get the stability you need throughout fracture healing.


It is used after injury or after surgery allowing the humerus to remain in a neutral position
• Proximal humeral fractures
• Mid-shaft humeral fractures
• Stable Distal 1/3 humeral fractures
• Stable supracondular fractures

Information on Ordering

Universal Side left or right. Your doctor will measure the unbroken arm for your size!

Size________Bicep Circumference (cm)________Upper Arm Length (cm)
Small_______________20 - 27.5cm________________25cm
Medium_____________25 - 32.5cm________________25.5cm
Large_______________30 - 37.5cm________________28cm
Extra Large__________35 - 42.5cm________________32cm


• 3 point stabilisation
• Lightweight
• Easy to apply
• Preformed shoulder brace for ease of application
• Orthopaedic-grade thermoplastic, cast-like construction
• Designed with hook-and-loop straps for easy adjustment
• Features a deltoid cap extension for greater alignment control
• Prevents slippages for the support you need
• Supplied with two washable double-thick stockinettes for clean comfort