Elastic Wrist BraceElastic Wrist Brace


A soft durable cotton/elastic construction provides compressive wrsit support. Contoured elastic body and preformed but mouldable and removable aluminium stay allow an anatomically correct fit and proper support for rest following wrist sprains and strains.


• Wrist sprains
• Wrist strains
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Rehabilitation after scaphoid fracture management
• Rehabilitation after wrist fracture management

Information on Ordering

The Elastic Wrist Brace size is chosen depending on the wrist circumference of your patient. Choose right or left on the drop down menu having measured the wrist circumference.

• Up to 14cm = XS
• 14-16 cm = S
• 16-19 cm = M
• 19-21 cm = L
• 21 cm+ = XL


• Durable and lightweight
• Fashioned to allow good finger range of movement avoiding stiffness
• Removable aluminium stay for custome fit, effective support and easy laundering.

Wrist Sprains

Specialist in Hip Surgeon and sports Injury, OrthopaedicsandTrauma.com asked Mr Tim Chesser for a surgeon's tip for you the doctor and he said....

"A sprain is an injury to a ligament. A Strain is an injury to the musculotendous junction of a tendon crossing a joint".

"I see minor strain injury of the wrist most in the formula one racing drivers I look after. They seem to suffer commonly at the end of a season. and it is the ulna collateral ligamant of the wrist that suffers most frequently".

"Beware the driver that has been in an accident. A history of trauma followed by pain with the clinical signs of bruising, swelling, reduced range of movement and tenderness suggests a fracture until proven otherwise. I always exclude a fracture with an x-ray in 2 planes in these circumstances".