Aircast Hand and Wrist Cryo/Cuff Aircast Hand and Wrist Cryo/Cuff™


The Aircast Hard and Wrist Cryo/Cuff™ combines focal compression with cold from the Cryo/Cuff™ Cooler (purchased seperately) to provide optimal control of swelling, oedema, haematoma, haemarthrosis, and pain.


• as part of "RICE" following hand or wrist surgery or injury

Information on Ordering

Simplicity of design and ease of operation makes it ideal for post-op on the ward, physiotherapy clinics and home.

There is only one size in this cuff product.


• Controlled cold: no risk of cold burns (as seen with frozen peas packets).
• Easy to apply and remove
• Detachable coolern (Air Tube Assembly (5 ft [1.5 m]) - exchanges water between the hand/wrist cuff and cooler
• Portable