DonJoy Pol'Ax 1DonJoy® Pol'Ax 1


The "Pol-Ax" is a high quality thumb support for grade 1 ulna collateral ligament sprains of the MCPJ of the thumb. They are aslo great for the weeks after removal of a plaster following collateral ligament repair of the grade 3 lesions. These are the most commonly missed thumb injuries.


•Partial immobilisation of the thumb after surgery or trauma
•Pain relief in Rhizarthrosis
•Immobilisation following gamekeeper's thumb
•Metacarpo-phalangeal sprains.

Information on Ordering

For the best fit measure for the size based on thumb circumference at the base of the thumb.

Sizes (cm)
Small = 6 - 8.5cm
Medium = 9 - 10.5cm
Large = 11 - 12.5cm


•Static thumb brace, made from a thermo-formable polymer material with textile cover and Velcro strap
•Mouldable material allows the brace to be perfectly adapted to the hand of the user
•It is recommended to seek advice from a medical professional to guarantee optimal fitting


John Hardy, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon working at a Private London Clinic said "I use them for grade one Gamekeepers Thumb in skiers and after injection of patients with osteoarthritis of the carpometacarpal joint (CMCJ) of the thumb.

If your patient has osteoarthritis at the base of the thumb you have a high chance of controlling symptoms with simple conservative treatments like Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatories, a temporary splint for rest and occasionally a cortisone injection. The need for surgery for this condition is rare and no one should be offered it without an attempt at simple treatment first.

I do the injection using a local anaesthetic so there is no pain. I mark the level of the joint with my fingernail.

I then ask a nurse assistant to hold the patient by the thumb to distract the CMCJ. I first use a 2 ml syringe and a blue needle with 2ml of 1% plain lignocaine local anaesthetic and then about 10mg of kenalog cortisone". I always warn the patients about the very small risks of a flare up over the first 24 hours, infection, depigmentation, lipoatrophy, syncope and no cure. The Pol'Ax 1 is very comforting.