DonJoy Wrist WrapsDonJoy® Wrist Wraps


The DonJoy® Wrist Wraps Support is ideal when limitation of wrist range is needed in one direction only, such as extension, flexion, ulnar or radial deviation. It is also ideal for sports-related and job-related injuries allowing freedom of the hand from splinting. Can be used in football and rugby (line men) for prophylactic use as well as jobs requiring repetitive hand/wrist movement. Three sizes fits both left and right wrsits. It has a two strap wraparound design to allow for custom adjustment and firm support for acute wrist sprains and wrist strains.


• Wrist sprains
• Wrist strains
• Rehabilitation after DeQuervain's injection

Information on Ordering

The size is universal for every wrist circumference. Measure the wrist circumference:

11-0386-2-06060 12.5cm - 15 cm Small
11-0386-3-06060 15cm - 17.5 cm Medium
11-0386-4-06060 17.5cm - 20 cm Large


• Fits right or left
• Woven nylon outer shell for durability and inner neoprene lining for comfort
• Interchangable foam inserts for variable levels of support
• Opposing straps limit rotation of the forearm and brace