Universal Neoprene Wrist SupportUniversal Neoprene Wrist Support


This temporary neoprene wrist brace fits all sizes and both left and right wrsits. It has a three strap wraparound design to allow for custom adjustment and firm support for acute wrist sprains and wrist strains. It has an optional aluminium wirst stay.


• Wrist sprains
• Wrist strains
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Rehabilitation after scaphoid fracture management
• Rehabilitation after wrist fracture management

Information on Ordering

The size is universal for every wrist circumference.


• Fits right or left
• Universal size
• Usfully provides both compression and support especially if lymphoedema is an issue.
• Removable aluminium stay for accurate moulding to wrist position and washing of the neoprene.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy

OrthopaedicsandTrauma.com asked John Hardy, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy. He said: "This is really common and when the Pins and Needles appears it commonly affects the whole hand and not just the thumb index and middle fingers". John said that "when ever a patient of childbearing age presents with bilateral (both hands) paraesthesia he immediately asks if the patient might be pregnant". He said this is because "if the patient is pregnant he avoids the usual conservative management options of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or an injection of steroid and opts for the simple remedy of a night splint".

The removable aluminium splint is for an anatomically correct fit and can be removed for washing the soft neoprene coverings.

"It is worth showing patients how to remove the aluminium strip to wash this brace" he said. Also "When it is first fitted you can mould the aluminium support for an anatomical fit to prevent your patient's wrist flexion at night causing CTS. The use of this brace at night can have a dramatic effect on quality of life both during pregnancy and for those rarer mums who develop this condition after delivery.

Most mums to be get the symptoms in the early hours of the morning. They flex their wrist in the same position achieved in Phalens test. The median nerve becomes temporarily ischaemic and the symptoms wake the mother to be. Wearing this brace means the wrist is prevented from flexing and the expectant mother gets the good night sleep she needs.

John said that at 280 Kings Road, the fashionable Private London Clinic we understand about the careful management of nerves especially in pregnancy". "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a progressive and slow injury to the median nerve". However, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy is expected to resolve following delivery. "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the condition can be managed in the early stages of pregnancy without the need for surgery before permanent nerve injury occurs" John said. "Though without doubt Carpal Tunnel Decompression is the most frequent operation performed by hand surgeons, and it is one of our more common procedures, most patients can be managed with simple non-surgical techniques like the use of this support at night time".

John said: "Our customers are all shown how to look after this splint and how to get the best out of wearing it."