DonJoy Thumb-O-Prene SplintDonJoy® Thumb-O-Prene™ Splint


The durable lightweight fabric of the DonJoy® Thumb-O-Prene™ Splint is made of neoprene for cold climate patient comfort. The aluminium stay helps to provide an anatomically correct fit and proper support for the thumb on its volar (palmar) surface. The stay is adjustable to suit your patient.


• Wrist sprains
• Wrist strains
• DeQuervain's tenosinovitis
• Rehabilitation after scaphoid fracture management
• Rehabilitation after thumb fracture management

Information on Ordering

The Thumb-O-prene™ size is chosen depending on the circumference of your patient's wrist. Choose on the drop down menu having measured the wrist circumference first.

• 14-16.5 cm = S
• 16.5-19 cm = M
• 19-21.5 cm = L


• Durable and lightweight
• Breathable fabric material
• Can be worn day and night

The Rheumatoid Hand asked John Hardy, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with an interest in hand surgery at the newest Private London Polyclinic about the wrist in rheumatoid arthritis. He said: "Before patients develop the destructive changes leading radiographic changes of Larsen-Dale-Eek grades II to IV, midcarpal joint space widening of greater than 1 mm, and ulnar shift or palmar subluxation of the carpus that would provide the indications for radiocarpal arthrodesis the use of this splint or one of the other Donjoy splints can improve function and therefore the quality of life without the risks of arthrodesis. He said: "it is also a useful guide to both surgeon and patient about how arthrodesis will benefit this patient group."