Donjoy Comfortform Back SupportDonjoy® Comfortform Back Support


The excellent Comfortform Back Support has a durable mesh elastic support with a moulded back compression pad. It's low profile design ensures comfort and fit. The double pull straps promote proper spinal alignment and provides support for lower back injuries and prevents spinal overload during demanding daily activities.Silicone gripper strips on either side of back pad help prevent migration. Latex free.


• Degenerative Disc Disease
• Scoliosis
• Chronic Low Back Pain
• Mild low back pains
• Back sprains
• Back strains

Information on Ordering

Suitable for Men and Women. To ensure you order the correct size for your patient, please take the measurements around your patients hips.

Extra Small (XS): 21 - 63cm
Small (S): 63 - 76cm
Medium (M): 76 - 86cm
Large (L): 86 - 96cm
Extra Large (XL): 96 - 107cm
Extra Extra Large (XXL): 107 - 142cm
Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL): 142 - 157cm


• Durable mesh elastic
• Molded back compression pad
• Double pull straps to promote proper spinal alignment
• Low profile design for comfort and fit

Managing Lower Back Pain

Claire Callaghan, Physiotherapist for Womens Health in Bristol in the UK recommends this off the shelf and cost effective brace for patients rehabilitating after a back sprain.

Claire told "I often tell my patients how vital it is to ensure their back stays well supported and aligned as they recover from episodes of acute low back pain. This is essential to prevent pain and injury recurrence. It is particularly important to provide this support when patients return to work or physical activity such as gardening or housework. As a physiotherapist, we prescribe abdominal, hip and back strengthening exercises as well as using braces to give this support."

Claire said: "The DonJoy® Comfortform Back Support is ideal for people with mild to moderate low back pain who need compression, warmth and support when doing daily tasks. The double straps ensure good alignment, whilst the fabric remains light and comfortable".

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Lumbar supports have recently been shown to significantly reduce the severity and duration of back pain. This study was in a large randomised controlled cohort of carers. It reported on the additive effect of back supports on the common practice of occupational advice on Health and Safety advice regarding prevention of back pain. (Roelofs PD, Bierma-Zeinstra SM, van Poppel MN, Jellema P, Willemsen SP, van Tulder MW, van Mechelen W, Koes BW. Lumbar supports to prevent recurrent low back pain among home care workers: a randomized trial. Ann Intern Med. 2007 Nov 20;147(10):685-92.)