Surround Ankle BraceSurround® Ankle Brace


The Donjoy Surround® Ankle support provides stability to the ankle by minimising ankle rotation after ankle injury.

Comprised of two polypropylene outer shells connected with soft, adjustable foot piece. Following an injury to the ankle, it's important that you stabilise the area to prevent further damage. This is particularly true if you're trying to remain active throughout use. The Donjoy Surround Ankle Brace provides stability to the ankle by minimising ankle rotation, which helps reduce the likelihood that you suffer from re-injury. Fits right or left foot.


• Ankle Injury Prevention
• Post-Op Ankle Treatment
• Chronic Ankle Sprain
• Acute Ankle Injury
• Swollen Ankle

Information on Ordering

Measure the optimum brace height for your patient, upwards from the heel in cm


• The microsphere cushion is great for patients with tender but bony ankles
• Fits Left or Right
• Minimises ankle rotation

Acute Ankle Injury asked Bristol Physiotherapist Peter Tang about the indications for this ankle brace. He said "Many patients with an acute ankle sprain often see a physiotherapist first. During the first consultation we take a history to determine the mechanism of injury and examine the foot and ankle in terms of the Ottawa Rules This helps us to select patients who do not need to be referred to a specialist for a radiograph to exclude fracture. Pete said: "this is the brace we use in the acute phase of an injury as it provides most of RICE (Rest, Ice Compression and we ask the patient to Elevate the ankle). The patient need not wear the ankle support at night. I ask them to keep the Surround® Floaml Ankle Brace in a clean plastic bag in the freezer overnight. This means that in the morning my clients can slip on the ankle brace and it will both cool and provide the compression needed to avoid most ankle swelling."

As a doctor your advice to the patient in the first six weeks after injury is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) along with a simple analgesic like Nurofen.

Doctors are also aware that ankle bracing combined with joint cooling does not have a deleterious effect on dynamic ankle joint stabilisation during an inversion in normal subjects. For this reason you can safely advise your patients to put this ankle support in the freezer for an hour before use for maximum benefit. (Cordova ML, Bernard LW, Au KK, Demchak TJ, Stone MB, Sefton JM. Cryotherapy and ankle bracing effects on peroneus longus response during sudden inversion. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2009 May 7. [Epub ahead of print] ).