Universal Wrist / Thumb WrapUniversal Wrist / Thumb Wrap


The Procare Universal Wrist / Thumb Wrap is a high quality thumb support for soft tissue injuries of the wrist and grade 1 ulna collateral ligament sprains of the MCPJ of the thumb.


•Partial immobilisation of the thumb after surgery or trauma
•Pain relief in Rhizarthrosis
•support rather than immobilisation following gamekeeper's thumb grade 1
•Metacarpo-phalangeal sprains.

Information on Ordering

Procare Universal Wrist / Thumb Wrap is left or right and one size fits all. If the thumb support is too long it can be folded back like a shirt sleeve to shorten it (care should be taken not to constrict the thumb).

Sizes (cm)



• Neoprene thumb support with textile cover and Velcro strap
• Left or Right
• Universal Size