MiniTrax WalkerMiniTrax® Walker


MiniTrax is the only pediatric walking boot to feature kid-friendly design elements that make wearing a boot less intimidating. Beneath the fun exterior though, the MiniTrax is a serious boot with big benefits. Lightweight design includes anatomically shaped plastic uprights that help to facilitate a better fit. Easy to apply and adjust with a simple strapping and liner system. Low-profile rocker sole of the MiniTrax features a durable, non-slip tread tough enough to withstand the test of time- and of a kid.


• Acute ankle sprains
• Undisplaced Salter-Harris fractures
• Metatarsal fractures
• Stress and stable fractures of the lower leg

Information on Ordering

Corresponding Sizes:
Part Number / Age / Foot Length / Leg Length / Child Shoe Size / Size
79-95510 / 1-2½ / <15cm / <23cm / >7.5 / S
79-95520 / 2½-5 / 15cm-17.5cm / <28cm / 7.5-10 / M
79-95530 / 5-8 / 17.5cm-20cm / <36cm / 10.5-1 adult shoe size / L


• Child frendly design elements to make wearing a boot less intimidating
• Lightweight design features anatomically shaped uprights to facilitate fit
• Low profile rocker sole features a durable non-slip tread
• Easy to apply and adjust with a simple strapping and liner system
• Fits left or right leg