Donjoy Strapping Elastic Ankle SupportDonjoy® Strapping™ Elastic Ankle Support


The Strapping Elastic Ankle is a soft and comfortable ankle support without rigid bracing elements for minor swelling (after diagnosis of the cause of the swelling e.g. ligament sprains not lasting more than 6 weeks).

It is Latex free, being constructed of Polyamide, Cotton and Lycra. It has been anatomically knitted with a multidirectional elastic fabric to control minor local oedema. This offers support and compression during the rehabilitation from acute and chronic ankle injury.

This ankle support differs from the Fortilax™ by offering additional strapping over the malleoli and the forefoot for controlled compression. Your patients with mild ankle and foot acute sprains will tend to prefer this option especially as the compression can be increased as the swelling is reduced.


• Support and compression following acute and chronic ankle injury and instability
• Protective and prophylactic use for sports activities
• Proprioceptive and neuromuscular stimulation through compression
• Rehabilitation after lateral collateral ligamant reconstruction
• Mild ankle and foot acute sprains
• Mild swelling reduction

Information on Ordering

x=2=S=21-22 cm
x=3=M=23-24 cm
x=4=L=25-26 cm
x=5=XL=27-28 cm
x=6=XXL=29-30 cm


• Additional strapping for targeted additional compression
• Anatomically knitted and multidirectional elastic fabric
• Fits either left or right ankle
• Latex free