Donjoy ArcticFlow Elbow WrapDonjoy ArcticFlow™ Elbow Wrap


The ArcticFlow™ Elbow Wrap provides a combination of ice and compression, which will dramitically reduce pain and swelling around the foot and ankle to help facilitate rehabilitation. Once the wrap is filled, the patient can disconnect from the Cryo/Cuff™ Cooler unit to be free to move about. The wrap will stay cold for about 30 minutes; then the patient just reconnects filtering cold water back into the wrap for three hours of continuous treatment.


• as part of "RICE" following elbow injury
• as part of "RICE" following elbow surgery

Information on Ordering

Simplicity of design and ease of operation makes it ideal for post-op on the ward, physiotherapy clinics and home.

There is only one size in this wrap product.


• Controlled cold: no risk of cold burns (as seen with frozen peas packets).
• Easy to apply and remove
• Detachable coolern (Air Tube Assembly (5 ft [1.5 m]) - exchanges water between the ankle cuff and cooler
• Portable