Procare CTS Wrist SupportProcare® CTS Wrist Support


A soft durable cotton/elastic construction provides compressive wrist sThe Procare CTS Wrist Support is one of the best wrist supports for carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a soft durable cotton/elastic construction that provides light compressive wrist support in dorsiflexion.

The contoured elastic body and preformed but mouldable and removable aluminium stay allow an anatomically correct fit, easy washing and proper support for the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome like early waking with Pins and Needles.


• Wrist sprains
• Wrist strains
• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• After 3 point molded plaster cast removal
• Overuse injury
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Rehabilitation after scaphoid fracture management
• Rehabilitation after wrist fracture management

Information on Ordering

The CTS Wrist Support size is chosen depending on the wrist circumference of your patient. Choose on the drop down menu having measured the wrist circumference first. Then decide on the side....

• Up to 14cm = XS
• 14-16 cm = S
• 16-19 cm = M
• 19-21 cm = L
• 21 cm+ = XL


• Durable and lightweight
• Fashioned to allow good finger range of movement avoiding stiffness
• Removable aluminium stay for custome fit, effective support and easy laundering.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome asked Bristol Consultant Rheumatologist Robert Marshall about the management of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Rob said: "The first thing to consider is that if a patient presents with pins and needles in both hands a doctor must asess for the common causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome". "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, when it presents in both hands, might be a manifestation of systemic disease like diabetes, thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis and excessive growth hormone production." Rob also pointed out that the commonest treatment he offered, which made a big difference to a patient's sleep, while he investigated the causes of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome was the CTS Wrist Support. Robert, who sees many patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, said that the CTS wrist support has a soft elastic cover so that the patient does not feel the scratchy velcro fasteners of the other supports. He said that this is especially important in rheumatoid patients who often have thin skin." also asked Consultant Plastic Surgeon Giles Bantic, at the 280 Kings Road Clinic about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He said: "One of our surgeons in this private London Clinic undertook a Batchlor of Science degree in neuroanatomy and together we have years of experience in managing this condition. This means collectively that we really understand about the careful management of nerves". "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a progressive and slow injury to the median nerve." "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be managed in the early stages before permanent nerve injury without surgery."

Giles said: "Without doubt Carpal Tunnel Decompression is the most frequent operation performed by hand surgeons, and it is one of our more common procedures, most patients can be managed with simple non-surgical techniques like the use of this support at night time." He said: "Our customers are all shown how to look after this splint and how to get the best out of wearing it."