Heel WedgesHeel Wedges


The Heel Wedges are a stepped, padded, foam wedge that fits into any closed heel walker. Specifically designed to be used post-Achilles tendon surgery, the heel supports can be placed on top of each other to achieve the desired heel rise (three heel supports equal 22° of heel raise; two heel supports equal 16° of heel raise; one heel support equals 10° of heel raise). The wedges are latex free.


• Achilles tendon repair
• Achilles tendon rehabilitation

Information on Ordering

01K-L LEFT Universal size for small medium and large.
01K-R RIGHT Universal size for small medium and large.

01K-XLL LEFT Extra Large for foot size over UK 12.
01K-XLR RIGHT Extra Large for foot size over UK 12.


• Allows progressive adjustment during rehabilitation after rupture or repair in any walker
• Incorporates medail arch support
• 5 sections

Achilles Tendon Repair

OrthopaedicsandTrauma.com asked Professor Nicola Maffulli, Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon and a specialist in Tendonitis with Sports Injuries, his indications for these heel supports.

Professor Maffulli said that normally he treats Achilles tendon ruptures in an equinus plaster cast if the tendon ends can be demonstrated to approximate on plantar flexion. This is most reliable using ultrasound scanning. He considers this if the patient presents within 24 hours.

After this depending on the patient's personal circumstances he said that he preferred a percutaneous repair.

Prof. Maffilli said that for the older injury or rerupture and hypertrophy of the repair tissue he undertakes debridement and formal repair like the one undertaken for this policeman who presented late with a neglected injury. Prof. Maffilli said that, following surgical repair, he put all patients in an equinus cast. After two weeks he sees the patient to remove the sutures and reapply an equinus cast.

Prof. Maffilli said that in most cases of Achilles tendon repair he uses either a minimal access 3 or 5 incision repair of the tendon especially in the professional athlete who has no option either than rapid return to healing and function. After 6 weeks the cast is removed in favour of an XP Walker™ and the Achilles Wedge. Prof. Maffilli said that he instructs his patients to remove one section of the insole each 2 weeks so that the equinus is gradually reduced into neutral. He said that patients often then use the single smallest wedge in their own shoes for a further one or two weeks.