DonJoy Comfortform Wrist with Abducted Thumb SplintDonJoy® Comfortform™ Wrist with Abducted Thumb Splint


The durable lightweight fabric of the Comfortform™ Wrist with Abducted Thumb is Lycra lined for breathability and patient comfort. Two preformed aluminium stays help to provide an anatomically correct fit and proper support. The stay is adjustable to suit your patient.


• Wrist sprains
• Wrist strains
• DeQuervain's tenosinovitis
• Rehabilitation after scaphoid fracture management
• Rehabilitation after thumb fracture management

Information on Ordering

The Comfortform™ Wrist with Abducted Thumb Brace size is chosen depending on the wrist circumference of your patient. Choose on the drop down menu having measured the wrist circumference first.

• Up to 14cm = XS
• 14-16 cm = S
• 16-19 cm = M
• 19-21 cm = L
• 21 cm+ = XL


• Durable and lightweight
• Breathable fabric material
• Can be worn day and night

Scaphoid Fracture asked John Hardy, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon about the use of these wrist braces in patient rehabilitating from scaphoid fracture or surgery for scaphoid fracture.

Mr John Hardy said: "I use these when there is evidence of fracture healing but the fracture is not healed and I want to get the patient out of plaster but continue with a support that is removable for physiotherapy and hygeine. I was recently asked by a patient of mine how to care for this product. He was an artist and had a major exhibition coming up. He was comfortable painting in oils in his Comfortform Wrist Brace but wanted to protect it from his paints so that he could continue to wear the splint in public. I showed him how to cover the brace in a double Tubigrip while at work".