Procare Shoulder Immobiliser with Foam StrapsProcare Shoulder Immobiliser with Foam Straps


This DonJoy sling is made from soft cotton/poly material for patient comfort. The waist and shoulder straps are a plush foam laminated design with contact closure.


Used after surgery for acute rotator cuff repairs, shoulder subluxations or dislocations in young patients. It is very comfortable for broken collar bones (clavicle fractures) on its own or in conjunction with the Universal Clavicle. It is most commonly used in the conservative management of radial head fracture and rarely after surgical management of the more complex radial head injury as in the images on the left.

• Clavicle fractures or dislocations
• Undisplaced radial head fractures
• Awaiting treatment for displaced radial head fractures
• Humeral lesions
• Paralysis (acute phase)
• Hemiplegia (acute phase)
• Clavicle fracture
• AC dislocation

Information on Ordering

Universal left and right.
Measure length of arm from tip of olecranon to the 5th metacarpophalangeal joint.

XS = <27.5 cm
S = 27.5- 32.5 cm
M = 32.5-37.5 cm
L = 37.5-45 cm
XL = 45-50 cm


• Foam padded straps for comfort
• Five sizes
• Lifts arm and shoulder for immobilisation
• Fits either left or right

Radial Head Fractures asked Shoulder Surgeon Mr Mark Crowther for a tip for you the doctor when suspecting a radial head fracture in an adult after a fall on the outstretched arm and he said....

"This diagnosis is easy from the history and examination. There is a history of a fall on the outstretched hand but pain over the outer aspect of the elbow. Examination reveals tenderness over the radial head and swelling of the joint capsule in the region between the radial head and the ulna below. There amy or may not be limitation of supination or pronation. If there is then the patient should be referred immediately to A&E for further management and a radiograph".

"If there is a history of pain after a fall it is mandatory to arrange for an x-ray of the elbow in two plains even if the clinical signs are normal. in the mean time use this shoulder immobiliser with foam straps to immobilise the elbow and provide comfort. Your patient will be grateful you had one at hand in the clinic. You should advise that it is not worn for more than one to three weeks depending on the severity of the injury. Displaced fractures should be managed in a trauma centre with immediate referral. The images on the right are of a radial head fracture in a teenager the fracture had to undergo open reduction. In this instance I always use the Lavage Tray (Order Number: CL 460-800) from P3 medical, which can be seen in the image, in case the radial head is detached in the injury. The tray has often prevented this important structure from landing on the operating room floor".