Immo Sling and SwatheImmo Sling and Swathe


The DonJoy Immo Sling and Swathe® provides immobilisation after upper extremity trauma or surgery


• Humeral neck fractures
• Humeral shaft fractures
• Humeral lesions

Information on Ordering

Universal left and right.
Measure the length of the arm from the elbow crease to the finger crease at the metacarpophalangeal joint.

XS=X-Small=23-25 cm
S=Small = 26-29 cm
M=Medium = 30-34 cm
L=Large = 30-34 cm
XL=X-Large = 35-37 cm


• Terrycloth lined and straps and separate swathe for immobilisation
• Flexible design allows for use as shoulder immobiliser or arm sling
• Strap position leaves the neck free and avoids cervical stress.
• Fits either left or right shoulder