UltraSling Shoulder BraceUltraSling® Shoulder Brace


The DonJoy The UltraSling® provides immobilisation for rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts, Bankart repairs, Glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation, and soft tissue strains/repairs.


• Anterior dislocations
• Initial anterior glenohumeral
• Capsular shifts
• Use after posterior shoulder repair
• Postoperative Bankart procedures
• Soft tissue strains/repairs
• Post operative positioning after release of severe anterior capsule contracture
• Adhesive Capsulitis

Information on Ordering

Universal left and right.
Measure from the elbow crease to the distal wrist crease for the size then choose whether to have a brace with abduction or not depending on the condition to be treated.

x= 2 = Small = up to 31.5cm
x= 3 = Medium = 31.5-39.5cm
x= 4 = Large = above >39.5cm


• Encourages effective healing by allowing the shoulder and arm to remain in a neutral position
• Easy-open front panel encourages elbow exercises
• Cool breathable fabric
• 10° abduction pillow allows axiliary air exchange to reduce the risk of secondary infections