Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace Aircast® Air-Stirrup® Ankle Brace


Each Air-Stirrup® Ankle Brace features anatomically designed shells lined with the patented Duplex™ aircell system. This exclusive system incorporates two pre-inflated overlapping aircells, distal and proximal, that provide support and produce graduated compression during ambulation. The compression promotes efficient oedema reduction in addition to helping accelerate rehabilitation.

All Air-Stirrup® Ankle Braces (except for the pediatric model) come with a patient guide providing information on brace application and optional rehabilitation exercises.


Prophylactic protection and support for:
• Anterior talofibular ligamant sprains grade 1-3
• Calcaneofibular ligamant sprains grade 1-3
• Posterior talofibular ligamant sprains grade 1-3
• Combined lateral ligamant sprains grade 1-3
• Rehabilitation after lateral collateral ligamant reconstruction
• The Pediatric Ankle Brace is designed for children 2 to 6 years of age and is ideal for ankle stabilisation in hemophilia patients to preserve the ankle joint or after complex periarticular ligamant surgery.

Information on Ordering

Select size according to your patient's height and put a tape measure at the side of their ankle to confirm the suitable size:
Paediatric (brace length is 15cm)
Small 5' 2" and under (brace length is 22cm)
Medium 5' 2" to 5' 5" (brace length is 23cm
Large 5' 5" and above (brace length is 27cm)


• Semi-rigid, anatomically designed shells for protection, comfort, and the prevention of inversion/eversion.
• Patented Duplex™ aircell system to enhance circulation and reduce swelling.
• Pre-Inflated aircells for easy application.
• Streamlined fit in shoes for early protected weight-bearing.