DonJoy Immo AT4 3V Knee ImmobiliserDonJoy® Immo AT4 3V Knee Immobiliser


Universal knee immobiliser with buckle closure and breathable Waylex mesh lining.


Recommended for post-operative total immobilisation. For enhanced fit this Richards type splint has an anti-migration strap and it is available in 4 lengths. Useful following a patella dislocation or to rest an acute sprain before mobilising it in a hinged brace.

Information on Ordering

How do you avoid a mistake when ordering for your patient?

Choose the right size by measuring the length of the thigh. Choose from the drop down list write down your patients thigh length before you even touch the drop down menu.

Brace Length
Small = 40 cm
Medium = 50 cm
Large = 60 cm
X-Large = 65 cm

Tip on the use of drop down menus

After you have chosen, click off the menu and unbold the choice before you roll your mouse wheel because you might inadvertantly change your choice with the roll of the wheel.


• Available in 4 heights (40-50-60-65 cm)
• 2 removable double bend posterior stays for immobilisation of the knee in slight flexion
• Removable bilateral stays
• Inner elastic anti-migration strap
• Buckle closure for easy application
• Fits either left or right knee