Aircast Arm ImmobiliserAircast® Arm Immobiliser


This DonJoy sling is a high quality, durable polycotton sling with contact closure adjustment on shoulder and body straps. Fits right or left arm and helps to prevent rotation of the shoulder.


Used after surgery for acute rotator cuff repairs, shoulder subluxations or dislocations in young patients. It is very comfortable for Collar bone fracture (clavicle fractures) on it own or in conjunction with the Universal Clavicle.

• Clavicle fractures or dislocations
• Undisplaced radial head fractures
• Awaiting treatment for displaced radial head fractures
• Paralysis (acute phase)
• Hemiplegia (acute phase)
• AC dislocation
• Proximal humerus, AC joint, or clavicle fractures in acceptable position
• Reduced shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff or biceps injuries
• Post-op and injuries about the shoulder girdle for which immobilisation is appropriate

Information on Ordering

Universal left and right. Order it with or without the Abduction Pillow.

Measure length of arm from tip of olecranon to the 5th metacarpophalangeal joint.

Medium = <25 cm
Large = >25 cm


• Innovative underarm strap design limits posterior arm mobility to help reduce shoulder pain
• Supportive shoulder strap helps minimise stress to neck while securely supporting arm
• Durable mesh fabric is breathable to maximise support and comfort
• Designed for left or right arm for ease of use and reduced inventory requirements
• Abduction Pillow available for angled arm support to help promote healing