Mallet Finger SplintsMallet Finger Splints


Rigid plastic splint with 3 point moulding action. Allows the extensor tendon to be held in extension for healing either of the avulsion of bone injury or stretched or ruptured extensor tendon to heal in a shortened position. Essential for the immediate treatment of mallet finger.


• Mallet finger
• Nailbed injury
• Salter-Harris I and Salter-Harris II physeal injuries of the distal phalanx in children.

Information on Ordering

Eight sizes with each size in a pack of 12.


• Multiple holes to prevent skin maceration
• Multiple sizes
• Universal left and right

Mallet Finger Injury asked Consultant Shoulder Wrist and Hand Surgeon Mr Phil McCann in Bristol at the leading Private Sport and Orthopaedic Clinic about Mallet Finger.

Phil said that this was an injury he saw commonly in rugby players and cricketers. "When I first started using these in our Sports Injury Clinic I ordered each mallet size so that I could measure my patients up in clinic and supply them directly. To be honest I rarely use size 1 or 6 and seven. Frequently, I trim the length of the mallet splint my self to optimise the fit for the individual.

"I take an x-ray to see if there was a bony avulsion or not and then decide on the length of treatment in the splint: 6 weeks for a bony avulsion and 8 weeks for a tendon injury." I show the patient how to tape the splint with a 3/4 circumference tape from below so that the air holes are not covered. The finger can get very macerated and so I show patients how to hold the finger to remove the splint three times each day to wash and carefully dry it so that the skin is kept in good condition."