The UltraSling QuadrantThe UltraSling® Quadrant


The UltraSling® Quadrant from Enovis™ is a patent-pending, shoulder orthosis that provides four angles of immobilisation in one brace for optimal versatility and inventory reduction. The unique ProTherapy™ precision-based system enhances the rehab process and provides a single-handed, patient friendly application while the cool-to-touch, anti-microbial TempGuard™material adds extraordinary comfort. The UltraSling Quadrant – immobilisation redefined.


• Rotator cuff repairs
• Shoulder fusions
• Post-operative immobilization in 15° of abduction or greater for shoulder hemiarthroplasty
• Total shoulder replacement
• Shoulder reconstruction
• Superior labral repair and shoulder debridement
• Protocols involving stabilisation following fractures to the proximal humerus, elbow and forearm
• Bankart repair
• Biceps tendon surgery
• Shoulder dislocation
• Elbow ligament and tendon repair

Information on Ordering

Order left or right. Measure your patient’s waist circumference 1” (2.5cm) above the navel (belly button). An extension belt kit can be ordered for clinics managing larger patients.

11-0210_____34” – 53” (86 – 135cm)____UltraSling Q, RIGHT
11-0211_____34” – 53” (86 – 135cm)____UltraSling Q, LEFT

25-0212_____53” – 68” (135– 173cm)_____Extension Belt


• Easy to adjust range-of-motion
• Optional shoulder strap
• Internal/external rotation range-of-motion hinge
• Abduction/adduction range-of-motion hinge
• Protherapy™ Flexion/extension range-of-motion hinge
• Elbow opening to reduce risk of olecranon bursitis
• TempGuard™ Cool anti-microbial material