DonJoy Shoulder StabiliserDonJoy® Shoulder Stabiliser


The DonJoy® Shoulder Stabiliser provides shoulder immobilisation and controlled range of motion for glenohumeral dislocations/subluxations, rotator cuff tears, and acromioclavicular separations. The shoulder brace is designed to protect and stabilise the shoulder post-injury and post-operatively. It is designed to wear under sports protective clothing.


• For Glenohumeral dislocations/subluxations
• Rotator cuff tears and repairs
• Acromioclavicular separations

Information on Ordering

Choose left or right then measure for size. Measurement is taken at chest circumference under arms and across nipples.

x=2=Small = 75-85 cm
x=3=Medium = 85-95 cm
x=4=Large = 95-102 cm
x=5=X-Large = 102-110 cm
x=6=XX-Large = 110-120 cm
x=7=XXX-Large = 120-130 cm


• Provides abduction control, external rotation control and support for acromioclavicular separations.
• Can customize the range of motion control with easy strap adjustments.
• Latex free black polyester lycra material
• Fits easily under protective gear
• Available in extended sizes from Small to XXX Large