Procare  Adams Cervical CollarProcare® Adams Cervical Collar


This superb collar provides a semi-rigid support for use in soft tissue damage, cervical injuries (e.g. whiplash) and osteoarthritis. It reduces wear and strain to the vertebrae, muscles and ligaments. We offer three sizes (shown below), each of which is 12 cm wide.


• Acute soft tissue injury

Information on Ordering

Measure the circumference of the neck on your patient:

27-34cm = Small
31-38cm = Medium
35-42cm = Large


• Polystyrene beads covered by 100% cotton natural colour stockinette for comfort and a secure fit.
• Loop contact closure for ease of use,
• Polysytrene beads permits a quick wash and dry
• Contoured for anatomic fitting
• Sold as a pack of 10