Drytex Lateral Drytex® Lateral "J" Knee Support


The Donjoy Drytex Lateral "J" knee brace is the only patellofemoral knee brace in it class to have a tubular lateral “J” buttress. Of all knee braces available it is ideal for supporting lateral patellar subluxation, dislocations or lateral patellofemoral malalignment. It is especially good for patients who have benefited from McConnell taping but who want to find an alternative to adhesive tape.


This Lateral "J" brace is useful in the preoperative patient that is booked for arthroscopically guided lateral release or tibial tubercle transfer. It can then be used on the same patient from the sixth postoperative week to stretch up the lateral retanacular scar giving a better chance of preventing post operative instability.

Information on Ordering

How do you avoid a mistake when ordering for your patient?

Choose the right size by marking the mid point of the patella with the patient standing in the schuss position. Measure the circumference of the thigh at 15cm above this point.

Before you choose from the drop down list write down your patient's side and size.

x=1=XS=33-39 cm
x=2=S=39-47 cm
x=3=M=47-53 cm
x=4=L=53-60 cm
x=5=XL=60-67 cm
x=6=XXL=67-75 cm

Tip on the use of drop down menus

After you have chosen, click off the menu and unbold the choice before you roll your mouse wheel because you might inadvertantly change your choice with the roll of the wheel.


• Tubular lateral "J" buttress for patellar stabilization
• Lateral to medial strapping for additional stabilization
• Available in left or right configuration

Knee Bracing after Patella Taping

James Ross recommends the Drytex® Lateral "J" as an off the shelf and cost effective brace for patients returning to sport after a successful treatment of patella taping and physiotherapy. James said that the brace was especially useful in patients where taping to the medial side has relieved the pain of patellofemoral impingment.

James is a Physiotherapist with more that the usual number of degrees to his name. His Bristol Physiotherapy practice is in the UK with Alex Poole.

James told OrthopaedicsandTrauma.com "Although the patella taping works in about 30% of patients with medial plica syndrome or Hoffa's fat pad syndrome the patients soon tire of the taping. Where the evidence base is poor for new treatments we tend to trust a meta analysis even though our experience is that these techniques work in well selected patients. The recent meta-analysis of taping and buttressing using braces is long overdue as good evidence that what we are doing for the patellofemoral joint works". (Warden SJ, Hinman RS, Watson MA Jr, Avin KG, Bialocerkowski AE, Crossley KM. Patellar taping and bracing for the treatment of chronic knee pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Arthritis Rheum. 2008 Jan 15;59(1):73-83.)