DonJoy Legend SE-4 Knee BraceDonJoy® Legend™ SE-4 Knee Brace


The Legend™ SE-4 by DonJoy has made a name for itself as a strong, low-profile, off-the-shelf brace.

Whether your patient's passion is contact sports, salt- or fresh-water sports activities, or simply to get the most out of the activities of daily living, the Legend can take whatever they give. Excellent for patients with moderate to severe ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL and combined (CI) instabilities, the Legend™ SE-4 by DonJoy will support your patients knees and their goal to "Never Stop Getting Better".


The brace is designed for Grade 1 ACL/MCL/LCL instabilities and incorporates the 4 Points of Leverage™ system pioneered by DonJoy®.

Information on Ordering

How do you avoid a mistake when ordering for your patient?

Choose the right size by marking the mid point of the patella with the patient standing in the schuss position. Measure the circumference of the thigh at 15cm above this point.

If I were you before you choose from the drop down list write down your patients indication then the length, side and finally size before you even touch the drop down menu.

x=1=XS=33-39 cm
x=2=S=39-47 cm
x=3=M=47-53 cm
x=4=L=53-60 cm
x=5=XL=60-67 cm
x=6=XXL=67-75 cm
x=7=XXXL=75-82.5 cm

After you have chosen, click off the menu and unbold the choice before you roll your mouse wheel because you might inadvertantly change your choice with the roll of the wheel.


• Removable doe skin liner (extra set included)
• Pneumatic condyle pads for added comfort and fit
• One-year warranty on frame and hinge
• Low-profile design
• Flexion stops: 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°
• Extension stops: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30° and 40° (10° installed)
• CI version available
• Chamois liners and strap pads available
• ACL and PCL versions feature patented 4-point dynamic leverage system
• 7 sizes: ranging from a 33 cm (13”) to 81 cm (32”) thigh