Super Knee SplintSuper Knee Splint


The Super Knee Splint is a comfortable sturdy, foam/mesh construction with alternating web straps and loop contact closure.


This splint combines medial and lateral I-beam stays and three double bend posterior stays. This is a good splint for when the doctor considers immobilisation for periods of more than 1 week is necessary. There is an adjustable foam popliteal pad included in the set. It is available in three lengths and five sizes.

Information on Ordering

How do you avoid a mistake when ordering for your patient?

Choose the right size by marking the mid point of the patella with the patient supine. It is often best to measure the uninjured side. Measure the circumference of the thigh at 10cm above this point.

Before you choose from the drop down list write down your patient's size before you even touch the drop down menu.

Tip on the use of drop down menus

After you have chosen, click off the menu and unbold the choice before you roll your mouse wheel because you might inadvertantly change your choice with the roll of the wheel.

Measure the circumference of the thigh 10cm above the mid patella:

Circumference Size

S= 35-40 cm
M= 40-47.5 cm
L= 47.5-55 cm
XL= 55-65 cm
XXL= 65-75cm


• Loop/lock contact closures for ease of fitting
• Combination of stays for proper immobilisation after injury
• Fits either left or right knee
• Available 3 lengths and 5 sizes