OA Everyday Knee BraceOA Everyday™ Knee Brace


The OA EVERYDAY (top left) represents DonJoy’s easiest to use, patient-ready knee osteoarthritis brace and is ideally suited for activities of daily living.


• Mild to moderate
unicompartmental osteoarthritis
• Mild ligament instabilities

Information on Ordering

How do you avoid a mistake when ordering for your patient?

Choose the right size by marking the mid point of the patella with the patient standing in the schuss position. Measure the circumference of the thigh at 15cm above this point. Before you choose from the drop down list write down your patients indication (is the medial or lateral compartment affected) then the side and finally size before you even touch the drop down menu.

x=1=XS=33-39 cm
x=2=S=39-47 cm
x=3=M=47-53 cm
x=4=L=53-60 cm
x=5=XL=60-67 cm
x=6=XXL=67-75 cm
x=7=XXXL=75-82.5 cm

Tip on the use of drop down menus

After you have chosen, click off the menu and unbold the choice before you roll your mouse wheel because you might inadvertantly change your choice with the roll of the wheel.


• 3 point load shifts compressive
knee joint forces from the degenerative
area to the healthy compartment
• Telescoping condyle pad (up to 60
of correction) enables patients to
adjust load according to activity level
• FloamTM condyle pad with 100%
memory for increased comfort and
compliance (bottom left)
• Lightweight (19 oz.), aircraft grade
aluminum frame (0.100” thick)
• Ergonomic, swooping thigh and calf
cuffs provide clearance for the
contralateral leg
• Contoured, flexible cuff shells
conform to patient anatomy and
help contain tissue
• Swiveling, quick release buckles (top middle)
facilitate ease of application/removal
and accommodate leg movement
• Hypoallergenic Sili-Grip strap pads promote brace suspension
• Short brace length (12.5”)
accommodates short inseams
• Flexion and extension control
• 1 year warranty on frame and hinges
• 6 month warranty on soft goods

OrthopaedicsandTrauma.com have reviewed the evidence that an off loading brace is effective in the treatment of symptoms from unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee" One of the recent small studies demonstrated that of five braces tested Donjoy and another brand were the only braces that demonstrated effective offloading of the affected arthritis medial compartment. (Dennis DA, Komistek RD, Nadaud MC, Mahfouz M. Evaluation of off-loading braces for treatment of unicompartmental knee arthrosis. J Arthroplasty. 2006 Jun;21(4 Suppl 1):2-8.)

Also click through to: (Richards JD, Sanchez-Ballester J, Jones RK, Darke N, Livingstone BN. A comparison of knee braces during walking for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the medial compartment of the knee. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2005 Jul;87(7):937-9.)