Medical Surgical ShoeMedical Surgical Shoe


Foam mesh upper with semiflexible skid resistant sole and a comfortable contoured heel. Loop/lock contact closure straps.


• Designed for a variety of post op and trauma applications.
• Universal - Fits left or right foot.

Information on Ordering

Be sure to choose male or female versions when considering sizes.
Corresponding Sizes:
Size / UK Men / UK Women
XS / <4 / <1
S / 4-8 / 1-2
M / 8-11 / 2½-4
L / 11-14 / 4-5
XL / 14+ / n/a


• Fits right or left foot
• Easy contact loop closure
• Available in a number of sizes

As Doctors we rarely treat phaleangeal fractures of the toes with anything more than neighbour strapping and leave the patient to sort out their footwear themselves. However, your patients will thank you for the tip about purchasing this surgical shoe as it avoids the cannabilisation of a pair of expensive trainers.

"JOAST" is the mnemonic recommends when teaching Vets and Medical Students to look at radiographs. Did you spot the fracture of the distal phalanx of the right big toe in this x-ray?

JOAST stands for Joint/Outline/Attitude/Soft Tissue/Texture