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Procare® CTS Wrist Support

Procare CTS Wrist Support


The Procare® CTS Wrist Support is one of our best wrist supports for carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a soft durable cotton/elastic construction that provides light compressive wrist support in dorsiflexion.

The contoured elastic body and preformed but mouldable and removable aluminium stay allow an anatomically correct fit, easy washing and proper support for the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome like early waking with Pins and Needles.

Click the image for information on measuring your patient for this carpal tunnel wrist splint and a tip from Giles Bantick and Bristol Consultant Rheumatologist Robert Marshall about the conservative management of this problem.

Giles Bantick is a Plastic Surgeon in London with an interest in hand surgery. Giles consults at the newest London Private Clinic in the fashionable Kings Road in Chelsea. Read about his latest experience with the ...

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Deluxe Hinged Knee Braces

Deluxe Hinged Knee Braces


The Deluxe Hinged Knee is a neoprene alternative knee brace to the Mueller type knee braces as it is constructed of a unique nylon core and polyester lycra fabric that allows for improved airflow. It is great for mild to moderate ACL, LCL and MCL sprains and instabilities. It comes in the Pull-On Sleeve or Wraparound versions.

This brace combines the Rest and adjustable Compression of the RICE management of acute grade 1 ligamant injuries and it can be used throughout the usual six weeks of rehabilitation required after such an injury. The lightweight polyester-nylon weave fabric is ideal for patients who have neoprene-based irritations or allergies or live in warm weather climates.

Please check that you have the size so it is correct before you choose. Click on the image for instructions on how to size the knee brace for your patient.
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Elbow Supports

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Condilax Elastic Elbow Support

Condilax™ Elastic Elbow Support

Price: 16.99


The Donjoy Condilax™ Elastic Elbow Support is a simple compression sleeve for the elbow suffering from swelling following injury or surgery. Might be useful for your patient with posttraumatic osteoarthritis of the elbow or for the rheumatoid patient following elbow replacement.

Click on the image to check how to measure your patient....

Surround Tennis Elbow Support with Floam

Surround® Tennis Elbow Support with Floam

Price: 17.99


The Procare Surround® Tennis Elbow Brace is our most comfortable neoprene tennis elbow strap because it has the "Floam" cushion. It provides your patients with support and compression over the tendon origin for both Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and Golfer's Elbow (medial epicondylitis).

Floam has no memory, This cushion increases the area of load on bony prominences thus reducing the pressure. The wraparound design with a loop lock velcro type closure is for your patient's ease of use. The universal design fits most patients. has a useful tip to get the most out of tennis elbow and golfer's elbow treatment without resorting to the application of a seperate cumbersome ice pack under an ordinary elbow strap. asked James Turgis, a physiotherapist specialising in home visit physiotherapy in London in the UK about tennis elbow. Read on by clicking the image for more information.....

Aircast Pneumatic Armband

Aircast® Pneumatic Armband

Price: 17.99


The Aircast® Pneumatic Armband applies pressure using a single pre-inflated aircell, the armband distributes compression over the common extensor musculotendonous junction for a focussed pressure where it counts. Useful for both tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. It can be used with a cold gel pack. However, if it is early in the condition recommend the .

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