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Reddie® Knee Brace

Reddie Knee Brace


The DonJoy® Reddie® Brace is a 3mm neoprene wraparound knee brace. These least expensive knee braces combine the Rest and Compression of the "RICE" management of acute grade 1 ligament knee injury and it can be used throughout the usual six weeks of rehabilitation required after such a knee injury.

It is a good quality and cost effective option for your patients with grade 1 sprains and instabilities. The 0.32cm neoprene is ideal for patients who live in cold weather climates.

Please check that you have the size so it is correct before you choose. Click on the image for instructions on how to size the knee brace for your patient.
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Donjoy® Back Brace II TLSO

Donjoy Back Brace II TLSO


The DonJoy® Back Brace II TLSO accommodates the appropriate motion restriction throughout the healing process. The lightweight design includes a patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System, a quick-release shoulder strap buckle, and an easy to use thoracic adjustment. All these features allow for the patient to control and relieve acute pain often associated with anomalies of the spine such as osteoporosis, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, strain, and excessive kyphosis.
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Thumb Braces

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Procare Universal Thumb-O-Prene

Procare® Universal Thumb-O-Prene™

Price: 13.60


The Procare® Universal Thumb-O-Prene™ Brace provides a low-profile, custom fit that is both functional and comfortable. The unique design combines two stays, rigid and spiral, plus a movable elastic strap to address various pathologies of the thumb including tendonitis, basal joint arthritis and instability or arthritis of the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint. The elastic strap may be wrapped between forefinger and thumb to help stabilize the CMC joint without restricting the use of the thumb or wrist. The Procare® Universal Thumb-O-Prene™ Brace is universal, so it fits either the right or the left thumb.

DonJoy Pol'Ax 1

DonJoy® Pol'Ax 1

Price: 14.99


The Pol'Ax 1 thumb brace is a high quality thumb support for grade 2 to 3 ulna collateral ligament sprains of the MCPJ of the thumb. Hand surgeons use them for repaired grade 3 injuries following plaster cast removal or use of the Donjoy Comfort Form Wirst with abducted thumb brace. The ulna collateral ligament injury with a Stener lesion is the most commonly missed thumb injury. We asked Mr Hardy, a UK Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, how he uses this thumb splint.

Click on the image for more information on measuring your patient....

DonJoy Thumb-O-Prene Splint

DonJoy® Thumb-O-Prene™ Splint

Price: 11.52


This is a neoprene thumb splint with a combined thumb abduction and palmar stay if your patient has had a thumb injury. This thumb brace supports the thumb from the palmar surface giving true rest to the thumb and associated joints. This is a useful splint for patients with CMCJ OA of the thumb. There is a wrap around contact closure for the thumb. The prices on this website Include VAT.
Click on the image to learn how to measure your patient's wrist for this thumb support....

DonJoy Comfortform Wrist with Abducted Thumb Splint

DonJoy® Comfortform™ Wrist with Abducted Thumb Splint

Price: 19.99


Durable and lightweight the Donjoy ComfortForm™ wrist and thumb brace is lined with Lycra for breathability and patient comfort. Preformed aluminium stay and hook/loop closure helps provide an anatomically correct fit.

This is particularly good for DeQuervains tenosynovitis and occasionally for severe OA of the CMCJ of the thumb.

Click the image for information on measuring your patient for this scaphoid wrist splint and a tip from John Hardy regarding the care of this high quality wrist and thumb brace. John is a Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon. He consults at the exclusive Private London Clinic in the fashionable Kings Road, London.

Click on the image for more information on measuring your patient for this wrist support for thumb pain.....

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